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seniors exercising
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How To Motivate Seniors to Participate in Activities

Studies show that lifestyle factors significantly contribute to overall wellbeing as we get older. Staying active can help people stay healthy as they age. Day to day habits such as regular physical activity, cognitive training, and social engagement is believed…
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How Can a Caregiver Manage Stress?

A caregiver is anyone who provides assistance to another person in need, whether it is a family member or a stranger. No matter how resilient or sturdy you are, caring for a loved one or another adult can be physically…
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dealing with caregiver fatigue

How Do You Deal with a Caregiver Fatigue?

Being a caregiver to someone you love can be rewarding, but also emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. Caregiver fatigue, also known as caregiver burnout occurs when stress from everyday caregiving duties becomes overwhelming, causing a state of emotional, mental, and…
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Qualities of a Caregiver

What are the Qualities of a Caregiver?

While aging in itself is not a reason to seek caregiver support, many elderly people are affected by different physical or mental conditions and diseases that require some form of assistance. Also, people with dementia or other chronic or incapacitating…
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Responsibilities of a Caregiver

What are the Responsibilities of a Caregiver?

Responsibilities of a caregiver can vary depending on the needs of the person you are providing the care for and your relationship with that person. No matter how strong your connection with the person you care for is, caregiving duties…
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Employee of the Month January 2018

Caregiver of the Month January 2018

Lana R. has been with us since September of 2015. Lana has such a wonderful personality; she is loved by her clients so much! She is reliable, professional and takes pride in her work. We are so grateful to have…
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devoted Guardian caregiver for March

Devoted Guardians Caregiver of the Month

Shirley, has been with us since July of last year. She is such a dedicated Caregiver! She shows so much compassion and dignity towards her clients. She has demonstrated that she will go above and beyond for them. Thank you…
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Caregiver Month of April
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Caregiver of the Month April 2018

Maria H. has been a Devoted Guardian since September 2017. We are so thankful to have Maria as a part of our team. She is always willing to help. Every office member can think of a time when she has…
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Rated TOP 10 Home Care Agency

TOP 10 List – Home Care Agencies in Arizona

Rated as a TOP 10 Home Care Agency in Arizona Because we are Very Different from the Other Home Care Companies.  We have programs in place to ensure your loved one receives the care specific to their ailments and to…
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Caregiver for the Month of May 2018

Devoted Guardians Caregiver for the Month of May 2018

Martin O. has been with us since June of 2016. We appreciate how Martin is always willing to help and be a team player. He goes above and beyond for our clients and the office team. The care and support…
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