Different kinds of illness, injury, or therapy can be accompanied by feelings of extreme fatigue and energy loss. To help you conserve the energy and more independently perform activities of daily living, our health team may provide valuable training on energy conservation and daily living skills.

Energy conservation helps you adapt the way you carry out your daily activities and adapting the environment in which you complete these activities. Everything we do requires us to use energy. The goal of energy conservation is to improve your quality of life.

Some of the following tips can help you preserve energy and increase independence:

  • Home modification
  • Prioritizing
  • Planning ahead
  • Positioning (sitting down for your activities whenever possible)
  • Pacing yourself
  • Using adaptive equipment
  • Scheduling household tasks throughout the week

It is normal to feel week and tired after returning home from the hospital. Learning how to conserve energy can help you decrease the number of energy demands on your body and to build strength so you can return to your daily activities and other things you enjoy doing.